Sherral's Equine Art Studio


Please browse my website to view items that I am working on and items currently for sale. I have been working on a variaty of items over the past few years and I'm just starting to advertise my work. I'm a perfectionest and wanted to make sure my work was as good as it can be before I offer it for sale.

I have been an Equine Artist for about 40 years and just discovered the Model Horse World a few years ago. Since then, I have been teaching myself to do all things related to models. Tack, customs, painting, sculpture, costumes, woodworking and metalworking to list a few. I will post photos of items I have been working on in the learning process. Some of the earlier items are not perfect, which is why I didn't try to sell them. I think I am finally getting good enough. You be the judge!

     Thanks for visiting!
    Sherral Hargrave